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I’m glad you stopped by my virtual home. I guess you are in the process of planning or executing a construction project and are looking for help, right? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place to get all the help and support you need for your construction project.

I’m Darius, a construction expert. I have been involved in construction since I was a child, as my family business was related to the construction sector. I graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in construction and have been working in the industry for more than twenty years. I have over 80 completed construction projects to my credit.

I am inspired to find and contribute to new construction projects – I feel it is a great help to the client and a personal growth for me. Every project is a new challenge, a new solution, a reconciliation of different expectations and the pursuit of a result. It is very motivating for me. My experience, knowledge and competences, energy and listening to the client’s needs help me to successfully implement projects.

I look forward to meeting you if you are overwhelmed by construction work.

Darius Gabriūnas

About me


I offer my rich experience, skills and knowledge for the management of your ambitious construction project. I am a Master of Construction Technology and Management. I started my practice by managing a small construction company, later I worked in various companies as a development manager, a construction manager. I devoted a lot of time to project management, resource planning, documentation preparation and supervision. I apply Lean and TOC methodologies in my work, and in my spare time I participate in various additional targeted trainings that help me grow and stay in professional shape.


Owner’s Representative in Construction

Technical Supervision of the Construction

Through years of on-the-job training and continuous learning, I realized what kind of work gives me the most satisfaction and brings the most benefit to my customers. I was one of the first in Lithuania to start offering project management services for large construction objects as an independent construction representative of the customer. Not cunning builders, but the customer’s construction representative is your true friend and lawyer of interests in large-scale construction. At the same time, I am actively working as a freelance certified technical supervisor of the construction works.


Owner’s Representative in Construction for large objects

Apartment Buildings | Hotels | Logistics Terminals | Ports and Airports | Power Plants | Factories and Factory Buildings | Chemical Industry Facilities | Factories of Metal and Material Products | Oil and Gas Processing Companies | Chemical and Pharmaceutical Factories | Hospitals and Clinics | Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers | Laboratories | Schools and Universities | Colleges | Kindergartens | Stadiums and Pitches | Sports Arenas | Swimming Pools | Theaters | Concert Halls | Museums | Galleries | Libraries



Cost savings. Quality result.

I will represent your most important interests, therefore other project participants who are concerned about their own interests will not lead you by the nose. With my assistance, you will reduce emerging risks and sleep more peacefully during the project implementation. I will save you valuable time and money, while you can go about your normal business activities and stay within budget. I will ensure smooth cooperation between all the project implementing groups. I will help you make complex and reasonable decisions. I will report to you regularly on the progress of the project, so you will always have the latest information available.



Discreetly. Punctually. Effectively

I am very well versed in the management of complex construction projects. I am reliable and discreet towards my customer. I keep my word 100%. With my professional assistance, the chaos of your construction will gain order, and the work of all participants will be perfectly coordinated. We will write down all planned work, set deadlines, appoint responsible persons and actively participate in the process. We will identify risks in time and intervene to control them. We will complete all the planned works on time and not exceed the planned budget, and maybe even save.

Let’s get in touch now to discuss your project

Do you need a reliable specialist to help put 3000+ m2 under a quality roof? So you either got to the right place at the right time or got referrals about me from my previous customers. Let’s talk on the phone, discuss your construction project and make an appointment for the first meeting. During the first meeting, it will become clear whether we look at your construction challenges in the same direction. If yes, during the second meeting we will be able to discuss how we will work, in what form we will communicate and how we will share the benefits received. I am waiting for your call.

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Darius Gabriūnas

Address: Konstitucijos pr. 15-188, Vilnius

Phone: +370 699 57443